Erasmus Apps in Dublin

From May 10 to 19 a group of teachers of Liceo Artistico Mengaroni participated in a transnational meeting and a training course on the topic of Cyberbullying prevention within the Erasmus Apps project which Mengaroni represents as coordinating institution.

 Both events were held in Dublin at the Rochestown Meeting Room and saw the participation of teachers and headteachers from Italy, Romania, Spain and Poland, as well as the presence of the training institutions and projectpartners, Co. meta srl from Fano and USL from Dublin.


The initial meeting involved the coordinators of each institution called upon to discuss, in particular, the contents and methods for developing vertical educational modules transversal to all school orders, from primary to secondary level, with the objective of prevention of of bullying on the net and in social media.
The participants also discussed the organizational aspects of European exchanges between students starting from the next school year and involving, in addition to the students of Mengaroni, those of the Gaudiano IC of Pesaro, the Polo3 of Fano, the IC Mercantini of Fossombrone and the schools of Ciudad Real (Spain), Uricani (Romania) and Plock (Poland).

The training activity was managed by Universal Learning System in Dublin and focused on socio-pedagogical issues related to cyberbullying.
Professor Baronciani from Liceo Mengaroni also gave a lecture on the topic of empathy and the role of neuroscience in understanding the phenomenon.

The participating teachers carried out workshops, simulations and dramatizations and explored the methodology of digital storytelling, and the use of various artistic techniques for the development of activities aimed at student


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