APPs: an Erasmus + Project

22879130_1615708881802034_154525501_oFighting cyber bullying is today one of the challenges that European education is facing. The effects of cyber bullying on victims are varied and can go from loss of motivation, concentration, and self-esteem to difficulty in achieving normal levels of education. Going forward, this contributes to the increase not only of school abandonment, but also of social exclusion, with the recent proliferation of violent behaviors among kids a true “social emergency”.

Atpresent, a European partnership for schools and training and research organizations coordinated by theLiceo Artistico Mengaroni is working on an Erasmus + project to counter this phenomenon.

The first phase of the project began with the first international meeting held from 18 to 20 October 2017 at LODZ in POLAND. On this occasion, project partners had the opportunity to plan the different phases of the three-year project that will involve teachers and students from different partner countries.

The project partners are IIS POLO3 in Fano as well as “Mercantini” school in Fossombrone, Gaudiano Institute in Pesaro and  Co.Meta Training Agency. Foreign partners are Escuela de Arte Pedro Almodovar in Ciudad Real, Spain, a Primary/Secondary School in  Lodz, Poland, Uricani Technological  School in Romania and Universal Learning System in Dublin, Ireland .

The project aims at developing and promoting vertical educational modules using verbal and nonverbal art forms produced by students from the 7 schools involved, from primary to secondary grade, to prevent and fight cyber bullying.

The 31-month project will end in March 2020. In addition to the creation of vertical training modules, an initial training for teachers on cyber bullying and innovative teaching will be set up in Ireland in May 2018. This will be followed by three overseas mobilities for students involved in the project planned for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 academic years.


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