My Own Art Gallery

In this article Alice Garlati from class 3B describes some of her works.


This is a monochrome landscape that I depicted last year at school. I used charcoal on paper.

It shows a lake surrounded by trees and bushes. In the middle of the picture there’s a bank and in the lower part there’s the lake full of reflections of trees. In the bottom left-hand corner there’s a bush. In the upper left-hand corner there’s a high tree.  In the background there are a lot of trees and bushes on the bank. In the right part there’s a little protruding bank and a tree reflected in the water.

Currently this painting is kept at the Mengaroni Art School.

This is a portrait of a leopard with a ferocious egarlatixpression.

I drew it last year for a school project. I copied this picture from a photo. I made it with pastels, and I mainly used warm colours. In the middle of the sheet there’s the leopard that is roaring with its open mouth, while in the lower part there’s the ground. In my opinion the picture is expressive because the leopard seems to look at the viewer and its eyes look real.

This picture is kept in room 17 of the Mengaroni Art School. It’s the picture I’m most proud of.

Alice Garlati 



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