From Head to Tale

This year’s extensive reading and eCLIL project is called fromHEADtoTALE.


We are part of a network of seven partner schools located in the Province of Pesaro (Italy). Two classes from each school are engaged in an “extensive reading” scheme while experimenting CLIL lessons (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The project has been funded by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) through the Read On! for eCLIL action, for school year 2016/17.

The title of our project, “from Head to Tale”, is a pun, a play on words based on the idiomatic expression “from head to tail”, meaning from the beginning to the end. That’s because the first stage of our project focuses precisely on the HEAD, intended symbolically as the place where learning and creativity take place, while the end, the final product, will be a public reading of TALES created by the students in the shape of stories, poems, songs, artwork, videos and much more. In-between, an experience of extensive reading linked to CLIL learning units, a peer to peer approach and the use of new technologies for learning.

You can visit the project blog here.


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