Santa Claus’s Throne


Want to know more about our thrones? Enjoy this ppt presentation by Arianna Perugini and Manila Baldelli from class 3E.

And here is an article written by Laura Ermedi and Luciana Esposito from the same class.

throne-articleOne month ago we were chosen to realize Santa Claus’s throne to be exhibited in our town centre.

At first we designed the backrest and the two lateral life-size reindeers on a big sheet, then these designs were copied on “styrodur” (a very strong polystyrene); then it was carved with a special equipment and the pieces were united with a very strong glue.

The throne was plastered three times and also three times painted in white. At last we decorated it gold and red.

It was a beautiful experience to see our design become real thanks to our work.


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