Speak your Mind

Students from class 4B are moving their first steps in the art of debating. Their English teacher Mrs Roberta Cappelletti introduced class debating after participating in an interesting training course at the beginning of this school year and her students have embraced this activity with enthusiasm.

While preparing for the next one, class 4B has produced a video of their first debate where they discuss whether graffiti can be considered Art.

Classroom debates enable students to work cooperatively, brainstorm ideas, develop vocabulary and read to support an opinion. By conducting research, students are taking notes to summarize, to question, and to clarify information. Students are identifying the main idea, deleting less important information, collapsing, categorizing, and labeling information. Questioning allows students to explain and to explore additional facts for clarification purposes. These comprehension skills are essential for students to become competent readers and writers linking debates directly to the entire curriculum.

Read more about class debating here.


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